Our pies and savouries are made in the South of Johannesburg  by people of  Lenasia so this community is very important to us. We employ over 500 people at our bakery  and retail stores and generations of families have been - and still are - part of our family. We're proud of the things we do locally and here are just a few examples ...


It’s in all our interests that young people grow up knowing about food, nutrition and healthy eating. That’s why, when we were approached by the Imperial Holdings Ukhamba Education initiative, we were pleased to begin a series of workshops for local schools, covering simple food microbiology and advice on the safe handling of food. We also offer the chance to take a look around our factory and run mini ‘taste panels’.

We have also realised the importance of education particular in mathematics and we have thus developed a learning program whereby we participate in workshops at schools and using our various shaped snacks and incorporating  basic Geometry  we educate learners using a fun yet yummy approach . ( include pics of samoosa and geometry)

Healthy lifestyles:

Our pies and savouries are eaten at sports stadia throughout Gauteng. As a result, we think sport is a great place to start tackling the challenges laid out by the government to the food industry for changing the SA’s  dietary habits. From 2013 onwards, Delhi Delicious will be exploring ways in which we can become actively involved in amateur football throughout the country. We want to promote active lifestyles and the understanding that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a Delhi Delicous pie during the match – if you have the occasional kick-around yourself too!

Lenasian and Proud!

Delhi Delicous have been part of the fabric of the South African  life for generations. Lenasians, Joburgers, Gautengers and South Africans of all ages and walks of life enjoy our pies and savouries.

         Local Is Lekker                            

P.O Box 1749, Lenasia, Johannesburg South Africa 1820

No 6 Fish River Street, Lenasia, Johannesburg, South Africa 1827

Contact: Yunus +27 82 650 1909

Email: delhidelicious786@gmail.com