What we put in

We know we’ve got something special here. Our way of doing things has won the hearts of pie-eaters for generations and is enjoyed by thousands of people today. That’s why we stick to what we’re good at, with our secret recipes and cooking methods, our quality cuts of meat and our specially mixed pastry. It’s about making sure everything that leaves our kitchen has the same home-baked taste people have demanded for years.

Puff pastry

Our  pastry is naturally low in fat. This makes for a sturdier pie case, meaning it won’t crumble in your hands and cover your shirt in gravy – perfect for eating on the move!

It's also special because of the unique way it's prepared. Most pastry is kept cold at all stages of development but at ’s we actively use hot water in the mixing stage. Typically, this means our products need less fat (16%) compared to our competitors (40%).

When making pastry it requires in depth and precise manufacturing techniques in the dough-sheeting process. This entails making sure that a specific ratio of ingredients are used within the dough as well as a defined number of times which the dough is runned through the dough sheeting machines. This gives the famous ‘Fluffy” effect, which keeps the pastry  light and crispy and the tasty pie gravy filling sealed perfectly within the pie until you take the first bite!


Have you ever eaten a pie with a hard crusted base? That is because our competitors re-work leftover pastry  and use it in their bases. Reworked pastry isn’t bad however due to the intricate nature of pastry folding, reworked pastry does not rise the same as freshly sheeted pastry would. 

At Delhi Delicious we only use fresh pastry and do not re-use leftover scraps. This distinguishes our pies in taste and quality.  


We cook most of our fillings by slowly simmering meat in its own juices in open-topped pans to create our rich, flavoursome gravy. This helps to give Delhi Delicious’s pies and savouries  their wholesome, home-cooked taste.


We cook all of our raw ingredients together in a pan allowing flavours to develop naturally. In comparison, some of our competitors buy in pre-cooked meat and then add to a pre-bought in sauce. That's why we can rely on the natural flavours of our ingredients to give our pies their great taste. We strive to use the finest ingredients in our products, from specialist locally sourced cheese to prime cuts of diced beef containing only 5% fat.

Our secret special recipe

Our “traditionally home made” recipes  have been the secret to our wholesome and flavoursome products.  Our in house chefs carefully monitor the cooking process in order to guarantee that the filling is perfectly prepared, ensuring that the meat remains tendar and juicy until your last bite


But, to many, it’s the personal approach that makes Delhi Delicious what it is. A dedicated cookhouse team are specially trained to work in the ‘Big Kitchen’ and ensure that every filling is just right and our oven minder, who has been baking for 25 years, knows just by the colour of the pastry if the settings need to be altered. We don't see the point in relying on equipment where people can do a much better job!

And what doesn't make a great pie…

Hydrogenated Fats

We don't put any of these into our products!

Unnecessary flavourings and colourings

Where possible, we don’t use any artificial flavourings or colourings nor do we use  ready to use stocks or bouillons . We’ve even completely removed MSG from all of our products.

Too much salt

We aim to ensure our products fall within the Food Standard Authority’s guidelines for sodium levels, and some fall much lower

         What we put in an leave out    

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